Who is the founder of sex doll and why he has designed it?

Need of sex doll
The sex doll is also called the blowup doll or love doll. The sex doll is a special type of sex toy made of a costly and sophisticated material in the size as well as the shape of a sexual partner for enjoying sex in masturbation. Different types of sex dolls are available in the market. The sex dolls may be available of a total body with a face or only head, pelvis or other parts of the body with sex accessories such as penis, vagina, anus, mouth, breast, abdomen etc. for sexual stimulation.

Who is the founder of sex doll?
In some costly sex dolls, the parts of these sexual body parts are vibrating and you can remove or interchange one or more parts. The real doll is basically a life sized silicone made solid doll. Mr. Matt Mc Mullen is the designer of the real doll. Most of the real doll has a skeleton along with several joints, which are placed at different points of the body.
What is a real doll?
The real doll is actually a realistic doll, which is mainly used for sexual pleasure during intercourse. This doll serves the same purposes that inflatable doll serves, but the real doll is more expensive than an inflatable doll. The businessmen also use this type of doll dressing with their special clothing as advertise and attract the attention of the customers. Most of the sex dolls and real dolls are made of resembling the size and shape of Korean, Japanese, Chinese and other eastern countries’ girls and boys.

The sex doll is looking very beautiful and you will fell sex when you will contact with this sex doll along with sex accessories. From the internet, you will find out different types of sex doll along with sex accessories. You will also see the price of each and every design sex doll, which will help you to buy your required sex doll in your financial capability.