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What is mobile marketing and benefits using it?

Over the world, there are various tools and applications been developed that helps website and app developers increase their ranking? One such tool is mobile marketing; it is a promotional activity which designed for delivery to smart phones, cell phones and handheld devices. Some of the mobile marketing is mostly similar to advertising which is delivered on other electronic channels like graphics, text and voice messages.

But today, SMS messaging is the most common channel used over mobile marketing. With the expanding capabilities of various mobile devices different new types of marketing have introduced in the market. Some of which are location based services, argument reality, 2D barcodes, and GPS messaging which provides users various benefits.
So here are the benefits of using mobile marketing:
• Accurately reaches the targeted market- mobile marketing helps users reach large audiences to have direct communication with different customer groups. Unlike other devices, mobile is one such device which most of the customers carry, due to which customers can easily check their marketing messages in real time.
• An effective two ways communication- usually consumers are very much attached to their android’s phones, where mobile marketing plays a very friendlier role to the end users. If two way communications get established, then loyal customers can easily engage their brands to make a strong relation with them.

• Promote mobile campaign- mobile marketing has a lower CPM than any other marketing channels. Thus, marketing campaign prepares are of low because using it you can quickly integrate with different marketing channels. So, you can easily promote the mobile marketing campaign like radio, print and social media.
• Generate higher response rate- in terms of higher response rate, mobile marketing is more effective than any other mobile marketing plan. This easily translates less media waste and creates higher return for investment through mobile marketing.
Thus, you want to reach to large audience easily than it is best to make the use of mobile marketing technique.

Proximity marketing beacons: Why to go for this one?

If you have any kind of doubt about the usefulness of the proximity marketing beacons then get it cleared as soon as possible. It is a place where you can have the best kind of idea about the thing which is dominating the market for two years. It is an era where the technical gadgets determine whether you are having a good time or not. No matter what the people thing you need to be on the right track always.

The popularity of proximity marketing beacons
It is important t have because mobile one of the prime sections and among the 60% of android devices present in America it will work efficiently. This is a trailblazer and it will be the best option for everyone. In the recent years, the popularity of proximity marketing beacons is not going to fall but rise. To cope up with the time the device will be modified and something new you will experience.
• It is really popular in the world of today and now people are depending on it more than ever. Just need to be sure from where you are buying it. Take it from the well reviewed ones.
• The matter is nothing but to have a good hold on the market. It will ensure your progress in the coming years.
Fully compatible
The service of this device is really good and hence it has become the only option to rely on in case of setting good market to advertise in the local area. Just turn it on and set a message and it will deliver the message to any nearby android and iOS device.

It is one of a kind thing for the new users also. The popularity of this machine is giving a full data where it can be said that it is one of the major innovations in the section of business promotion. Just have faith on this, because people are doing him and it is worthy of every shot. The proximity marketing beacons will be the best you can choose.

What are proximity marketing and the places where it is used?

Sometimes, Proximity marketing is also known as hyper local marketing. Because it uses advanced cellular technology to send marketing related messages to different mobile users who are very close to the business. At the particular area, this technology is used, and all the informative messages are sent electronically through Bluetooth and wireless technology. By using this wireless advertisement technology, the business company easily connects with their customers. Through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal, proximity marketers can easily send informative content which is similar to other mobile applications data. All the push messages are automatically shown on customers mobile; they are not distracted through notifications and get relevant information easily.

Who employs proximity marketing?
• These days many service or business which is operating from a particular or fixed location then at their proximity marketing easily fits. Some of the examples are mention below.
• Big retailers can quickly send store coupons and maps or different offers to relate for their credit card. The customers also enroll for rewards or loyalty programs.
• Reputed hotels also easily inform their guests about promotions and on site events, or they also provide the scheme in which guest also enroll rewards and loyalty programs.
• Most of the restaurants can also send special daily menus, offers, coupons for loyalty programs. When the customers are waiting for their table, then the company sends interesting trivia questions, so they pass their time.

• Big shopping malls can also provide a proximity marketing advantage to their tenants by giving together an attractive discount offer or coupons at any retailers.
• Travel hubs like public transport and airports centers can give display or maps ads which can be easily sold through tourist destinations.
• General information related to service or product is also easily delivered by using proximity marketing even in the particular location of any business agency changes.
All above mention places use the proximity marketing.
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