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Replica watches with warranty

There are times when you have to dress up classy and elegant and the most basic thing like a watch adds to the glamour of your look. If this watch happens to be a high end watch then it will be an additional bonus. But it is not necessary to shell out thousands of dollars to get the watch of your dreams. We at replicahause have made it very easy for you to avail the high end looking watches in the prices that you can afford without compromising with the looks of these adorable watches.

When we think of watches which are high end we think of Tag Heuer, Rolex, and many other such brands. Now you can have these same kinds of watches at an affordable price. We promise to deliver the same quality of manufacturing, luster and working every time we deliver a watch.

At replicahause we give a warranty of one year from the date of delivery. The warranty includes any defect due to manufacturing or any defect in working of the watch or if the watch does not work according to the specification in the brochure.

Any Rolex replica or Swiss replica watch which is bought from us bears this warranty and is promised to be replaced if it is not damaged due to mishandling from the customer’s side.

If on inspection everything turns out to be okay then we either replace the piece or if there is minor error that can be fixed by you, we suggest it to you so that a lot of time is saved. Any further shipping charges have to be borne by the customer.

When you order a watch or two first thing you have to do is make payment which takes 24 to 36 hrs and after that it will take 7-10working days for your watch to reach you.

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