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A blog on disability insurance planning for professionals

It is quite obvious that you will not be ensuring your property after it has caught fire or got damaged. You need to think similarly about getting the disability insurance. a blog on disability will tell you about the details involved and also throw in some startling statistics to convince you about what may go wrong if you do not plan ahead. There are lots of fine prints to dodge and deal with if you do not plan from beforehand.

Disability statistics
It has been seen through statistics that 1 out of three people remain disabled for a period exceeding 2 months before they reach the age of 65. For people who are temporarily disabled for more than the 2 month period, the duration usually stretches to more than a year. Hence it is imminent that a normal travelling professional will be disabled during certain period of time.
Plan for business owners
If the business owners have themselves covered under a group based plan, then they will get returns based on the size of the business. Even high earning people will get a fixed amount and will need to adhere to the strict guidelines. A blog on disability can provide you with further details.

A blog on disability tells of the amount you will receive
When you have a disability insurance made for you, you will be getting a return of 66% of the amount that you were earning prior to the disability. There are not too many fine prints involved here and hence you can remain assured of the returns.
You have the guarantee of getting the insurance amount till the age of 55, provided that you remain disabled. If you are partially disabled, then you are going to get a part of the money, as mentioned in a blog on disability