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Spice Up Your 123 Movies Night With These Ideas

We all look forward to a happy and relaxed weekend, right? If you are planning something unique and interesting for the coming weekend, adding a movie marathon option to your list is a clever thing that you should not miss.

Watching movies has never been this easy and convenient nowadays, thanks to the power of internet technology. You do not have to worry about sparing time to prepare and go to any nearby movie house because you can do it right at your home through 123movies and other movie streaming sites that you can find online. There are hundreds of them, you will surely find a site that has the movies that you want.

Play Movie Guessing Game

While you are watching a movie, you can do guessing games in between like guess the name of the actor or the next scenes that you are about to see. You can give rewards and punishments to your guests who cannot guess the right answer.

Just make sure that the kind of questions you have are quite interesting that can let your guests become delighted to participate.

Be an Impromptu Actor

Sure, why not right? You can do your own roleplaying or mimic the scenes that you are currently watching. You can ask your friends to form in group and do their own version of the scene and pick the best roleplayers who will win some treats from you.

Movie + Unlimited Chips

Movies would not be complete without the chips around the table. You can prepare some delicious DIY chips and sauces that could definitely add more excitement to your movie party.

You can also ask a little help from friends to prepare delicious dips and salsa that would perfectly match the chips you have right at your kitchen.