HowTo Make Money Out Of Steam Trading Cards

If you read myaccount of being squeezed into the insanity that’s Steam Trading Cards, you probably thought to yourself “Wow I wonder when I could earn free steam moneyfrom them without going mad like that fool did?” The response to this question is “Yes, you totally can!” And I wish I had done it that way also.

Earning money from cards is easy: Get cards, offer them on the current market, and never really use them to craft whatever. They key is to act quickly, because right now, as a result of this Steam sale, the trading card market economy is crashing so quickly that it makes Greece seem healthy in contrast. Get your cards fastand sell them cheaply, and get out. Do not ever bother waiting for prices to go up, since that is not going to take place soon.
What is the perfect way to get free steam money and cards? What is the best Steam level to achieve before trading? How should you get booster packs? Here is a simple breakdown comprising the information you have to do some fast ‘n filthy Steam profiteering, and hopefully be sure to pick up something new at the Steam sale.


You are able to get around three to five cards for every game you have by simply playingwith. If you do not understand which of the games encourage trading cards, go into the ‘Badges’ segment on Steam for a listing. On the upper right corner of every game needs to be a small message stating something like “4 card drops staying.” Play that game till you get all those cards and the message changes to “No card drops staying.” You do not really need to do anything at the game, placing in the menu screen is nice, and you may also do this with a number of games at the same time.